Sunday, June 19, 2011

20. Makeup

Today I am nurturing my gratitude for makeup.

Actually, I have been semi-obsessed with makeup for a couple of months now, to the point where it's almost become a hobby, if that's even possible with makeup. Not only do I find makeup pretty to look at, but also there's an art to it, using makeup on one's face and accentuating beautiful features. I discovered the art of makeup on my first visit to a M.A.C. store about four years ago. What I found amazing about this M.A.C. store was how the makeup artists were actually just that, artists. These salespeople were actually very knowledgeable on the application of makeup, on how to use the right makeup to accentuate the right features, not to mention they are excellent at matching skin tones for foundation (the only place I have seen such good skin tone match-up was at a Bare Escentuals boutique)! At the time, I was a poor student, so I found similar makeup at drugstores. However, now that I am a careerwoman :) I can afford to splurge on various namebrand makeup...

To me, makeup has almost become the adult version of a girl playing with dolls, or walking into a candystore. I still remember the first time I walked into a Sephora store in Times Square, feeling overjoyed at having different makeup brands under one roof, and most of all, being able to sample them to my heart's delight, without salespeople hovering over me to make a purchase. I usually walk out with my makeup purchase feeling all light-headed and giddy, excited about trying my new goodies.

So thank you makeup, for providing me with hours of joy.