Monday, February 7, 2011

Wool Socks

As I get ready for bed, I am nurturing my gratitude for wool socks. Quality wool socks are the best ever, and every time I wear a pair of new wool socks, I feel like I am on cloud nine. They feel so comfortable, with such great support for my overworked feet (when you're working on your feet almost thirteen hours a day, or do some heavy duty walking/running, or have flat feet like I do, you suddenly start appreciating your feet a lot more).

I discovered wool socks a few years ago, as I was window shopping (a favourite pastime of mine) at a sports store. The label caught my eye, which said "Smartwool PhD". I thought to myself, "Honestly, PhD as a marketing strategy for socks, really?" I picked up the pair of socks, and sneered at the price, something around 19 or 20 dollars. Then I got reading about how the socks have great cushioning to the arch and toes, etc., and at the time I had just finished my first 10k run, and realized that blisters were becoming a problem, and since I only have two feet that work really hard, I decided to try out these highly intelligent socks. Remembering the first time I put those socks on still make me feel all warm and fuzzy, almost orgasmic if I might say so (hey, if people can get all tingly from shoes, I can get tingly from a brand new pair of socks ;-) Needless to say, I have become a fan of these doctorate socks, and well, the marketing strategy worked, lol.

Here's a link to Smartwool's socks:

Thank you, wool socks for pampering my feet, and Smartwool, for helping me discover the world of gloriously divine wool socks.

Good night!

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