Thursday, March 31, 2011

8. Smartphones

Today I am nurturing my gratitude for smartphones.

I got myself an Android phone (thank you nursing for the ability to afford one :) a couple of weeks ago, and my mobile world has completely changed since. Whereas before I had 'just a phone' that was able to text, make phone calls, play games, had an alarm clock, and calendar, now I have a phone that can do all that, but better. Consider this: I no longer have to text all my words, as my phone Happy (yes, I love my new phone that much!) can figure out the word most of the time; I can play games similar to Nintendo handheld games; my new phone alarm clock has a more soothing ring tone to it; my calendar is synced with Google; AND - I have an e-reader on my phone, which means I no longer have to add bulk to my purse/bag/luggage with paperbacks; I get to see the local weather forecast wherever, whenever; and I have a flashlight app, which means I no longer have to carry a flashlight on my backpacking travels. Not to mention my solo outings have just improved exponentially, as when I am at a restaurant on my own, I no longer have to spend awkward moments before the meal arrives figuring out how to pass the time, and ditto for waiting in line before watching a movie that no one else wants to watch with you, lol. And think about those endless waits at the airport! Smartphone, wifi, a charger, and you're all set! Oh, two more things: a) If I don't have a camera, and want to capture a beautiful moment or sight, no problem! Happy does that. b) I've often heard a good song on a commercial, or at the mall, and wished to download it, and now I can, with my glorious Soundhound app.

So, to sum up: Once you go smartphone, you can never go back, lol.

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