Thursday, August 23, 2012

36. World Humanitarian Day

So, a couple of days ago I was on Vevo, and noticed Beyonce's new music video for 'I Was Here.' Today, I finally got the chance to watch the video, and through that, found out about World Humanitarian Day. What a beautiful cause to be a part of! This year's World Humanitarian Day theme is about doing 'Something good somewhere for someone else.' On the 'I was here' website, a helping suggestion is to 'Cook a meal for a new mum' - brought a smile to my face. Even though my spouse and I heard from various people about freezing meals, and we did have frozen dinners in our freezer, it's almost impossible to understand the meaning of 'cooking meals' until one has a newborn...I think we needed help with cooking for at least eight weeks! It seems like such a short time now, but then felt like an eternity, with the chronic sleep deprivation, waking up every couple of hours around the clock, the daily and seemingly endless laundry, the hour after hour crying of a newborn, the complete upheaval and loss of control of one's daily life routine, the healing and pain from major abdominal surgery, the frustration of new, and confidence-lacking parents not knowing how to console a gassy was really the last thing on our minds, although an important part of being new parents, especially if a mother is breastfeeding. I remember feeling extremely grateful to my sister-in-law for sending us a fruit basket, probably one of the most meaningful gifts we received during that newborn turmoil of joy, exhaustion, and confusion.

Going back to the theme of helping others, I think it's wonderful to celebrate a day of helping others, of unconditionally and unselfishly giving oneself to others. While I believe it is important to remember others who have fallen during war and other hate crimes, it is equally important to honour and be thankful for peace, for humanitarianism. So, thank you Beyonce, for this music video, that led me to this website.

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