Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10. Jigsaw Puzzles

Today I am nurturing my gratitude for jigsaw puzzles...

I love making puzzles - it's such a great feeling to build a picture from a mishmash of cardboard pieces. Having the pieces fit together is like solving a great mystery, which probably goes back to my love of Nancy Drew mysteries as a child, or aligns with the analytical side of my personality, thinking and thinking about something until it makes sense to me, until I've gotten to the bottom of a pattern. I derive so much satisfaction from a finished puzzle piece, that I almost want to frame my achievement; needless to say, I can spend hours sitting at a table, trying to make the pieces fit, or staring at the picture on the box, trying to figure out the subtle shades that might provide me with clues to making my puzzle come to life.

There have been times when I've sat with my puzzle and pondered the question, "Am I prematurely getting old?" Well, making a puzzle brings two images to mind - that of a child excitingly putting the pieces together, and that of an older adult, passing the time with a cup of tea and puzzle pieces. Lately, the latter image has been popping into my head, especially yesterday afternoon, as I sat with my cup of hojicha green tea, pondering over the last pieces to my puzzle...

So, how to come to terms with my thoughts/fear of getting older? Well, old age is inevitable, and perhaps it is better to acquaint myself with the rituals of older adults sooner than rather, which might help with my transition to older adulthood, so that when I do end up in the hospital or an assisted living facility, a) the routines would be less of a shock, and b) I'd be one step ahead of those folks who are so in denial of giving up their past lives, that they miss out on all the fun of the present, and fall into a deep depression that makes them even more helpless. After all, I'd know - I work in a hospital, where 70 year olds seem young, i.e. 'Seventy is the new thirty,' at least in hospital age, lol.

So here's to making puzzles - thanks for bringing a smile to my face :)

Also, here are some pictures of my latest puzzle conquest, as I usher into a new tech era of blogging with pictures, whoa!

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