Saturday, May 21, 2011

16. Music Parodies

Tonight, I am nurturing my gratitude for music parodies...

Why, you ask? Well, because music parodies, in particular music video parodies, just crack me up! It combines two of my favourite things - comedy and music - into a nice little three minute package, and provides me with much-needed comic/stress relief. Music video parodies have also become a bonding topic between me and my friends, as I had recently received a lil' link to The Lonely Island's new video "Jack Sparrow" from a good friend :)

"The Lonely Island" is a trio formed by Andy Samberg and his friends, and they've produced SNL digital shorts, some of the more famous ones being "Lazy Sunday," "D*** in a box," and "Shy Ronnie." Check them out at

How did I get into these hilarious videos? Stress relief during nursing school, yep, someone had mentioned Jon LaJoie and I checked out his work on YouTube, and thanks to him, had many feel-good-laughter-hormones balancing out the force from the dark side (aka stress hormones). Then came "Flight of the Conchords" and their "Inner City Pressure" music segment provided me with soothing companionship as I was in the thick of looking for work :) Let's not forget Jack Black and his band Tenacious D.

So thank you, modern gurus of music parodies, for bringing balance to the force (remember to check them out on iTunes :)

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