Sunday, May 22, 2011

18. Rain

Today I am nurturing my gratitude for rain.

Coming from Vancouver, rain seems like the last thing to be grateful for. These days however, I think most things are relative in life. Yes, sometimes week after week of drizzling does tend to make me yearn for some glorious sun, but then again, I always remind myself of what it was like to go through months of snow and slush on the East Coast. I mean, when it snows in May, somehow the weeklong of rain seems tolerable. Or, if you happen to no longer live in Vancouver, then going back to Raincity for a week does not faze you, as you are so thankful for everything else - the beautiful seawall, the very inexpensive sashimi and tamales that abound, the wonderful shopping that is within walking distance, yep, like I said, it's all relative.

For me, rain has become even more welcoming ever since I moved to Kamloops, which can be so dry and hot in the summer, that forest fires are not just a matter of news on TV, but a very real phenomenon, with the smell of smoke clouding your nostrils for days...Every time it rains in K-town, I say a little 'Thank You' to the universe, because it means forest fires are at bay, and that my surroundings will be that much greener. Those majestic trees that make Vancouver so stunningly beautiful? They're there because of the rain.

So, thank you liquid sunshine, for taking the edge off :)

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