Sunday, May 22, 2011

19. The Royal Wedding

And while I'm in the mood for writing, or rather blogging, let me nurture my gratitude for The Royal Wedding.

Yep, the Royal Wedding. In April, it was becoming a bit much, with nothing but buzz of the Royal Wedding everywhere, to the point where I would check my e-mail and be invited to give marital advice to the Royal Couple hmm...yes, it bugged me for days, this whole wedding business, and I just wanted the bride and groom, the world and the media to get the thing over and done with. The day after the Wedding though, something hit me: I realized that for at least two weeks, the only thing dominating the news was the Royal nuptials, not another Chernobyl in Japan, not Libya, not death and war and some overwhelming disaster, but rather a dream, a fairy tale, an aspiration to a happily ever after, that was echoed by millions all over the world. I would honestly be inundated for weeks on end about hope and happiness, about love triumphing all than by war and genocide. And of course, I had to watch clips of the wedding, the sight of the beautiful wedding dress, the 'Just Wedded' car that did a round around Buckingham Palace, which melted even the most cynical part of my heart. I had tears to my eyes, and I was thankful that the whole world watched this event, that people all over rejoiced and celebrated in a union that gave many people hopes of everlasting happiness and joy.

So weddings, keep it coming, may there be more happy news spreading through the media and internet world.

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