Friday, September 14, 2012

39. "Rainbow in the clouds"

Tonight, I am nurturing my gratitude for the "rainbow in the clouds." I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey's "Master Class," and had the great opportunity to re-watch Maya Angelou's take on life. Two things struck me when I saw the episode again: how much I had forgotten (possibly due to my 'mommy brain'), and what an eloquent and inspirational speaker this lady is. She talked about how she had many struggles in life, but along with those struggles there were many rainbows too, and encouraged viewers to always look for the rainbows in the clouds. Of course, not always does one see rainbows through the clouds, but once in a while, those rainbows do come about, and when we happen upon them, it is truly magical, despite the physics behind rainbows. Sometimes, we are so focused on how overcast and crappy the weather is that we tend to miss those brief moments of beauty...

This year continues to be one of my happiest and most challenging years to date, and since last night, while I've been trying to gather some peace in my mind and soul, I've been thinking about Maya's rainbows, to give me some strength, some insight, something great to hold on to. Tonight, as I put my son to bed, I thought "Eric is my rainbow, he's my constant rainbow" - he manages to make me smile and forget about all my worries even in my darkest moments, by doing simple things that only a baby can do, like rolling off during a diaper change and getting on all fours, practicing his pre-crawl stance. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and I thought perhaps I was overreacting as a doting mom, when I saw my other fellow mom-friends laughing too. He is my beacon of light, my inspiration, my strength, my courage, my rainbow in the clouds.

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