Sunday, September 23, 2012

41. Fridays

I have been enjoying my Fridays immensely lately. In fact, I look forward to it with a passion and anticipation that I can't quite recollect ever having had for a day of the week. Probably because nowadays, Fridays signal the start of the weekend (or the end of the week), and some quality time as a family with my other half. It means we get to share the task of entertaining my little boy, and perhaps get some cleaning and organizing done. It means I might have some time to do some cooking, and go for a walk, or just watch TV, or stay up a bit late (although that doesn't pay off too well with a baby that wakes up at 7 am like clockwork, but still, it means I can nap any time during the day, and know that Eric will be safe with his dad, and Eric's dad can do the same).

So yes, even though I don't count the days till Friday, when Friday comes around, it feels like I'm on vacation, or close to that. Thank you, glorious Fridays!

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