Tuesday, September 25, 2012

43. Mr. Brown Iced Coffee

Over the weekend, as I was at my friend's house for a bbq, I saw Mr. Brown Iced Coffee in her refrigerator. That brought back some fond memories of me drinking these delicious little cans of ready made coffee (complete with milk and sugar) during my stay in Taiwan, which I heavily relied on during my long hours of teaching. It's amazing how an object can trigger memories and emotions; I find it quite fascinating, sometimes things can trigger feel good emotions, and at other times, instantly take you to a place of sadness, or evoke feelings of anger, resentment or hatred. Thankfully, Mr. Brown brought up happy memories, since going to Taiwan to teach English as a Second Language was one of the best decisions I have made, even though at the time I was unsure, and had to overcome certain hurdles once I was there. Goes to show that sometimes it's worth taking a chance, "taking the plunge" so to speak, even if the outcomes are unknown. When challenges come up, it's worth telling oneself that challenges can be overcome, and with a little initiative, the universe will help with whatever one wants to achieve. You just need to put it out and sometimes surrender, like Oprah said during her pilot episode of "Oprah Presents Master Class."

Thank you, Mr. Brown for bringing up some good feelings, especially at a time when feelings of hatred, anger, stress, sadness, and resentment invade my sleep.

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