Monday, September 24, 2012

42. Nail Polish

Tonight I nurture my gratitude for nail polish, since I happened upon a nail polish that I have been thinking about procuring for almost two months. It's OPI's "Deutsch you want me baby?" I was at my local London Drugs, browsing through the nail polish section after having gotten my necessity item, and when I saw the OPI Germany Collection, my heart almost skipped a beat in excitement! And then I saw the beautiful blazing orange colour that screams of fall, which I had been looking for at a couple of salons and was disappointed to find that it had been sold out at both locations. This gorgeous baby was one of the few things that really perked up my day after a harrowing night of stress and insomnia.

I have always enjoyed wearing nail polish, occasionally stopping at my local retail stores to look for a nice colour to paint my nails with. Then nursing school came along, and my interest in nail polish waned, since I could only wear it on my toes. That inability to wear nail polish on my finger nails has definitely increased my appreciation for being able to paint my nails, and now that I am on parental leave, I am taking full advantage of having my finger nails covered in beautiful shades that suit my fancy.

Of course, I have nail polish blogs to thank for. Earlier this summer, I chanced upon nail polish blogs, and realized how big of a trend nail art is nowadays. Some days I wait for the weekend, just so I can go to Sally's and buy some beautiful colours. Nail polish blogs are also how I came to discover China Glaze, which is probably my favourite brand of nail polish.

So, here's to nail polish and nail polish blogs, another favourite being Frazzle and Aniploish.

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